Conversations People Relish – Path 4

Conversations People Relish – Path 4
Seven Paths Towards Richer Conversations.

Two Silos
Two Silos

Have you ever been in a conversation that really is going nowhere? You’re  standing right next to each other but definitely not on the same page. Like two silos side by side, filled but separate. You want to talk to each other but keep banging into walls, just not connecting. We have all been there, trying to cut through the differences but nothing seems to help. How do we get out of our separate silos and make progress in our discussion?
This brings me to my fourth path in having conversations people relish:
                            Path 4 – Find Common Ground

An interesting scripture follows the account of Jesus naming His 12 Disciples when they were up on a mountain. “…He came down with them [the 12 Disciples], and stood on a level place with the crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people…” Luke 6:17. (my underline).

The idea of “coming down to a level place” intrigues me. That is where Jesus met people, on their level.

Common ground is discovering what the other person has interest in and begin the conversation with that point in mind. This same principle applies in teaching. A really good teacher begins the lesson with something the student already knows and then continues the lesson into what the student needs to know. It is getting a connection with the person at the beginning of the conversation. One must come down and make the connection on a “level place”.

Henry Ford said: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”  To that I would add, find common ground. We are to come down from our silo and begin with a common interest which will lead into a conversation that people relish.

Welcome to, the richer side of life.


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