Walk Away Demas

We all deal with distractions. Distractions can take our

   Home in God's House
Home in God’s House

attention away from our purpose. They rob us of the clarity needed for living an overcoming life.  Talk about a man being robbed of a highly respectful place in history, Demas certainly was! He simply just; walked away.

Demas, although mentioned only 3 times in scripture, characterizes an extremely clear picture of a man distracted. In Colossians 4:14 and Philemon 24 he is listed as a fellow laborer in ministry with the Apostle Paul. One of the saddest New Testament scriptures to me is, II Timothy 4:10. “For Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world and has departed…” Demas exhibited disloyalty to Paul in being distracted by the things of this present world. His distractions pulled him away from the mission and the people that he had traveled with. We do not know if Demas actually left the faith but certainly his influence in ministry ended. How sad.

The Demas example of the progression away from effectiveness began by his growing love for the things of this world. Which caused him to question, “what am I getting?” Then loyalty to Paul no longer mattered and he walked away!

“No one drifts towards holiness” David Jeremiah

I’m continually confronted with distractions, as probably most of us are . How I master the drift where distractions are taking me will determine  the standing I have in my family, my life and ministry. Many have sunk below the waters of living an exemplary lifestyle and sadly others have followed them. The “drift” is always away from the holy life. Therefore I must keep my eye on Him who redeemed me. Never forgetting His sacrifice for me, keeping my faith alive each day to do His will, not mine.

Monday morning quarterbacking reveals that Demas committed a stupid move by allowing a few present pleasures to draw him away from Paul.  He walked away from this giant of the faith who wrote most of the New Testament. Paul, the man we still hold in high esteem some two thousands years later. Demas walked away from it all.

 Will I allow the distractive gleam in my eye, the sounds in my ears or the thoughts in my mind cause me to walk away from my Savior, just for some passing pleasure?  What distractions might cause you to walk away? Demas did not count the cost, we should be more diligent in counting the cost.

Keep on the richer side of life,



4 thoughts on “Walk Away Demas

  1. Lydia Nassir says:

    In today’s hectic world, it is really easy to get distracted with all the things vying for my attention. Great reminder to keep my eye on the mark of what really matters.

  2. Andrew (Taylor) says:

    Well written, Rich. Am very familiar with Demas and his ‘backsliding’!
    Good caution to all in ministry, especially, too.

  3. Gordon Schuit says:

    JUST EXCELLENT RICHARD! SO WORTH THE READING!!! REJOICING, Gordon Tomorrow I’m having lunch at the Kling House with an old classmate and missionary friend: Dr. George Murray – he was president of CIU (Columbia International Univ. up until about 5 yrs. ago—the older group is passing the baton!)

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