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    Winter's Wonderland
Winter’s Wonderland

It is one thing to have a name listed along with many others in scripture. It is quite another when a notation is made along with that name designating what they did. This is the case of one man by the name of; “Mattaniah…the leader who began the thanksgiving with prayer.” Nehemiah 11: 17.  Of the 284 Levites who lived in Jerusalem he is mentioned twice and both times with the notation that he led prayer with thanksgiving. Yet a third time he is mentioned in a group of Levites who gave praise and thanks within the city. (Nehemiah 11:17, 12:8, 24-25).

A personality trait worthy of pursuing is to exhibit a sincere attitude of appreciation with abundant expressions of gratitude for what we have in this life. We do not know much about Mattaniah. He was a Levite, servant to the priests, gatekeeper but above all else God wanted us to know him as a man who lead out with thanksgiving in his prayers. Wow!

“The more you express gratitude for what you have the more you will have to express gratitude for.“– Zig Ziglar

 We identify ourselves often by the position or place in the family we hold. But others identify us by the attitude we display. Yes, Mattaniah had a position; Levite and gatekeeper. His attitude of gratitude though made all the difference in how his name was listed.

This leads me to ponder the following question:

When my name is listed do I want to be remembered solely by the position I held, or by the attitude I displayed while holding that position?  Mattaniah received both!


APPRECIATION! Its a beautiful thing
APPRECIATION! Its a beautiful thing

Appreciation, thankfulness, and graciousness; these words convey a sense of warmth and acceptance of others. When the meaning of these words become ingrained in the way I live peace reigns in my soul. I become much better at facing and dealing with day to day challenges. I make decisions with ease. A much better person emerges, which is more likable, more approachable and one who is accepted into more social circles enthusiastically. Why does this remarkable change take place? Mattaniah shows us the way; he “began” with thanksgiving. His starting point was; thankfulness.

When I begin each day with an appreciative attitude it sets the tone for the whole day and all the interactions I have with others.

Welcome to the “richer side of life“,



8 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Johna415 says:

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  2. Lydia Nassir says:

    Thanks for another great reminder, pops! Keeping a thankful attitude is a conscience decision we have to make, even when it’s not always the easiest.

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