Admit Mistakes

Rich Sense

Shifting towards the richer side of life

Well it finally happened, I’ve climbed into my seventy-first year. Then retirement on May 31 of 2013  has opened time for walks in the afternoon sunset hours. Enjoying it immensely, I really do.

I live my life in chapters. Just as in a book when I finish reading a chapter I don’t throw the book away, no, I simply turn the page. So it is in life. Many chapters have been lived and in each I celebrate the joys and struggle through the disappointments. Each chapter has added a richness to my life’s history. So it is that I have come to capture some; Rich Sense and am Shifting towards the richer side of life. Over the next weeks and months I’ll be sharing some “sense” with you on these pages. Please read with an open mind and remember that I am well aware that I do not have a hold on all wisdom, just some rich bits and pieces.

So Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Moses writing in Psalms 90 verse 12.

The richer side of life. What do I mean by that? Here’s a thought. We each have a limited number of days to live, just don’t know how many we have. But each day we have grants us an opportunity to “shift” towards the correct way to live. There are some internal shifts that we can make, if we are willing to do so, that will greatly enhance our lives. The first shift I want to mention is; Mistakes.

Admit Mistakes, we all make them, I surely have quite a pile in my history and you probably do too. I have observed it is best to admit them and take full and complete ownership for those I have made. And the sooner, the better.

Three illogical ways we deal with our mistakes.

We ignore them

We blame others for them

We will not admit we made them!

Mistakes made in the past do not make you; unless you allow them to do so!

To simply ignore something does not delete it from the scheme of life. To shift the blame onto another does not get rid of the mistake, it only intensifies the scope of the problem. As long as we do not take the full weight of our mistake onto our own lack of judgement we will never move forward. It is like driving a car while always looking in the rear view mirror, you will crash! I’m not suggesting that you ignore your mistake, just take care to “fess up”, apologize, then make the corrections needed and move on. Take the time necessary to understand why the mistake was made, but don’t live there. 

You will be the richer for it. I like to say; The past is not a prophet, at best it is only a teacher. Oh the freedom we experience when we say, “I was wrong” with no“buts” added.

Welcome to The Richer Side of Life.


Richard Armstrong


2 thoughts on “Admit Mistakes

  1. Kelly Mylin says:

    Richard, I LOVE that you are sharing your wisdom in a new venue! Matt & I have always admired your solid godly wisdom, consistent living and strong integrity. You are a model for us to follow in life, ministry and relationships. May your blog have a ‘rich’ impact on more lives!!!

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